• Information

    Monkstown Park Junior School is a Roman Catholic school which is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence in an environment that nourishes character development. We provide a welcome and inclusive climate for all our pupils and their families within our Catholic and caring ethos.

    By enrolling in the school, both parents/guardians and their children, commit themselves to supporting the ethos of the college with regard to our identity as an independent Catholic Primary School.

    The school also considers applicants from other faiths on the understanding that such applicants are willing to support the ethos of the College.

    At the heart of the Monkstown Park Junior School experience is the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter. This Charter invites students to take responsibility for their school and their learning.

    Fees are set out at €4,136 per year for Junior & Senior Infant  classes. Fees for all other classes are €4,486 per year. Fees can be settled in one payment in the August prior to the start of school, in three payments commencing in the August of the coming school year and in the following November and February or in nine direct debit payments.


    There are also spaces available in other classes places however a copy of a recent school report and character reference will be requested where a child is transferring from another school along with any other relevant information relating to their application i.e. medical history etc. A meeting with the Principal, parents and prospective student is also carried out during this stage.  We would strongly recommend that all pupils transferring from another school commence at the start of the academic year. 

    A place is secured in the school on receipt of a completed Acceptance Form and a €500 non - refundable deposit which is offset against school fees.

    Sibling discounts are as follows:          

    10% discount on fees for second child.

    20% discount on fees for third or more children

    Please leave your details in our 'Apply Now' section and we will contact you. Alternatively, please phone the Office on 01-2710197 to find out more. 

    Application Procedure & School Policies 

    Applications to enter Monkstown Park Junior School should be made, in writing, to the Principal. Alternatively, an application form may be found and downloaded here.

    Parents should complete an Expression of interest application form attached below. This must be fully completed and returned to the school with advised EOI fee. By completing this form it does not automatically entitle your child to a place in the school or for your child's name to be put on the class list for the following academic year. 

    Parents are advised to read below and familiarise themselves with our enrolment procedure.

    Places are offered only after a meeting is held with the Principal the prospective parents and their child. Once an acceptance form has been issued, parents can then place down their deposit to fully secure your child's place.  This fully completes the enrolment procedure. 

    Should a place not be offered or available at the time your Expression of interest fee is fully refundable. If there is a waiting list in place you will be given the opportunity at that point to place your child on the waiting list. 



    MPJS Code of behaviour updated 2018.pdf (283.8KB)

    MPJS Anti Bullying Policy .pdf (236.1KB)

    E-Safety Policy 2018.pdf (156.5KB)

    Child Safeguarding Statement 2018 .pdf (108KB)

    Students from Third Class up to Sixth Class take French lessons with their class teacher.

    The application form will request personal details including:

        Name and address of child and parents/guardians

        Date of birth

    It is highly recommended that a child entering Junior Infants in the School should be either 5 years of age by the time they commence in the September or are just turning 5 years within the first few months of starting school. 

    We would advise that prospective Junior Infants would have completed their two year ECCE programme in Pre-school. This has really proven to be extremely beneficial for the children's social and emotional development in particular. 

        Contact telephone numbers/e-mail addresses

        Details of any medical/psychological condition


        Previous schools attended

        Parent's occupation(s) 

    Pupils are expected to adhere to our code of conduct and attendance policy.

    Order of Priority of Admission

    1. Brothers and sisters of existing and past pupils. 2. Sons/Daughters of past pupils. 3. Sons and daughters of teaching and non teaching staff who have at least one year's service in the school. 4. The school reserves the right to allocate a limited number of places to applicants on grounds of compassion or under special circumstances. 5. Allocation of remaining places will be prioritised on the basis of application date.

    For categories 1, 2 and 3 above, the application to enter must be made to the Principal in the manner outlined above at least 12 months before the date of entry for the order of priority to apply.

    Parents of children with Special Educational Needs:

    Monkstown Park Junior School is privately funded as an Independent school. Therefore, we receive no additional resources or funding for Special Educational Needs by the Department of Education and Skills. The Principal will meet with parents to discuss any needs that a child may have and the school's suitability in meeting those needs.

    All students whose first language is not English are required to have a basic level and understanding of English. The school will meet with perspective parents and children prior to entry to discuss further.

    School Transfers

    Applications from pupils attending other schools and wishing to transfer to Monkstown Park Junior School will be considered subject to the availability of a place. Information concerning the pupil's educational progress to date and the reasons for the proposed transfer will be required- see above. The School reserves the right to refuse admission to pupils seeking to transfer from other schools.

    As MPJS is a feeder school for CBC Senior School,  the boys are entitled to apply for a place in the Senior School provided they have been with the Junior School for at least 3 full academic years. Applications should be made separately to CBC Senior School. 

    Parents and prospective pupils are welcome to come and visit the school, to meet the Principal and see the school in action.

    Appeals Procedure in the event of Refusal of Admission

    The Principal has the right to refuse admission to the school. parents who have been refused admission for their child may appeal the decision in writing to the Principal who will forward any such appeal to the Board of management for consideration. The Board will consider such an appeal following which the decision of the Board will be communicated to the parents.

  • Fees
    School Fees

    Fees for the academic year 2018-2019 are €4,136 for Junior & Senior Infants and €4,486  for all other classes.

    Additional Charges

    School Books (average €130.00)
    Swimming Lessons (current average approx. €9 per lesson – depending on number of pupils and swimming teachers required)
    Music Lessons ( Please contact Mrs Tuohy in the office for rates)


    A full term's notice must be given, in writing, to the Principal before the removal of a pupil from the School, otherwise there is a liability for one full term's fees in lieu of notice.

    There is a direct debit scheme in operation whereby fees may be paid in instalments.

    Details of charges for optional extras including after-school supervision and activities will be outlined separately on the booking form for those activities.

    If payment is not received when due, an administration charge of €100.00 per month will be charged. The school reserves the right to exclude a pupil whose fees have not been paid.

  • Prospectus
    Welcome to Monkstown Park Junior School

    Monkstown Park Junior School is an independent, self-funding, primary school, in the Catholic tradition, catering for pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.  Each child is individually known to the Principal and staff and is educated in a warm, caring and happy atmosphere.  Our pupils learn, grow and work together in an environment of co-operation and mutual respect.


    The school is a vibrant and busy place with constant different activities featuring throughout the year.  It was Mark Twain who said "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education" and we like to make the educational experience in the school be as broad as we can manage, in a fun and happy atmosphere.


    Small class numbers ensure that each child gets plenty of one-to-one attention and their individual talents can be nurtured. Our extensive grounds provide an ideal backdrop for sporting ambitions and outdoor activities.


    Our boys leave Monkstown Park Junior School well ready for life in CBC Monkstown Park Senior School (all boys from the Junior School are automatically eligible for a place in the Senior School), continuing their education with the solid friends they have made during their time in the Junior School.  


    They will also already have developed relationships with Junior School boys in the years above them through sporting and social events participated in during their Junior School years.  The importance of familiar faces cannot be stressed enough when the boys are settling into life as small fish in the big Senior School pond.       

    Things that make Monkstown Park Junior School Special...


    Speech and Drama 

    Ms. Fiona Lester gives speech and drama classes each week to all of the boys. Each year a member of the Irish Board of Speech and Drama comes to the school so that the boys can take their Speech and Drama exams.  Our boys have a great history of doing really well which can be seen at various performances whether it’s at the Christmas Concert, Talent Spots in Friday Assembly or in the biennial School Concert. 




    Our Gamesmaster, Stephen Flood, takes each class for Keep Fit each week.


    Boys from First Class up to Sixth Class take part in school rugby.  For the younger boys this means training during the week and Saturday mornings. For the older boys, friendly matches and blitzes are arranged against other schools and the boys enjoy proudly representing their school in a fun way.   The Saturday morning training also involves lots of Dads imparting their knowledge to the boys and it’s not clear who enjoys the coaching more, the boys or the Dads!


    Summer Soccer League

    Soccer League takes place once the rugby season has finished and it includes boys from Second Class to Sixth Class. 


    Swimming Classes take place in the local Monkstown Pool and Leisure Centre for all boys from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. 


    Tennis is coached from Junior Infants to Sixth Class in the excellent facilities of Monkstown Lawn Tennis Club located beside the school. The boys on the Monkstown Park Junior School Tennis Team represent the school each year in the TRETORN Leinster Primary Schools League, under the guidance of Junior School teacher Mrs. Colette Farrell.

    House Team Champions' Shield

    The house teams Packenham, Knapton, Mounttown and Carrickbrennan battle it out each year for the Champions’ Shield.  The boys join a house team in Second Class and stay on that team until the end of Sixth Class.  Each house team has a mix of Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class boys and brothers are always kept on the same house team! There are many events, sporting and non-sporting, over the course of the school year where the teams can accumulate points.  These include Talent Spots at Assembly, the Conker Competition, Christmas Quiz, Swimming Gala, Art Competitions, House Posters and finally, the last chance to get house points is always on school Sports Day! 


    Computer Classes

    The boys from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes attend a weekly computer class in the Senior School computer room. 

    Green School Committee

    The Green School Committee under the leadership of teacher, Ms. Lindsey Heppenstall, do wonderful things to make us all aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and to keep our school and environment looking tidy at all times.

    Cycling Safety Classes

    The boys from Fifth Class take a course of six cycling safety classes from Cycling Safety School.  They partake in all aspects of safety including using helmets and learning road signs.  They are awarded with certificates on completion of training. 

    Charity Fundraising

    There has always been a very strong tradition in Monkstown Park Junior School of Charity Fundraising, stretching back as far as when the Christian Brothers were in charge.  Each class is responsible for raising funds for a range of charities which the children choose themselves. Jersey Day, Sale of Work, Toy Sale, Three-Legged Walk, Crazy Tie Day and putting on a play called The Graveyard Play were some of the events organised by the boys in the past. 


     World Book Week

    In conjunction with the school Library, visiting authors come to speak to the boys around World Book Week.  The older boys pay a visit to see an author in a local book shop in Dun Laoghaire. The boys enjoy this as it brings books to life for them. 

    Community Events

    The Parade of Flags in Dun Laoghaire and 5K Community Walk in Kilbogget Park are two local events that the school participated in.  The boys (and their families) are very proud to take part in these fun events while representing their school. 

    Folklore Storytelling

    Mrs. Miriam Tuohy spends some of her valuable time fuelling the boys’ imaginations with wonderful stories of long, long ago. 

    Ecological Gardening

    Mrs. Tuohy also does fantastic work with the boys from all classes helping to create a school garden complete with scarecrow, which was made by the Green Committee. She also organises workshops such as “Bringing birds back to school”, “Native Trees” and “Compost detective at school”! 

    Lá Glas

    Every year Seachtain na Gaeilge finishes up with Lá Glas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The boys all dress up in greenery and hold a parade around the school grounds. Irish phrases are used by all with enthusiasm! 

    Visiting Theatre Groups

    The boys recently had a visit from “Down to Earth” theatre company who put on an environmental themed play called “A Breath of Fresh Air”.  It was an excellent production which got across a very important message in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Open Days

    We hold Open Days during the school year. If you would like to be informed about when the next one is being held please add your details on our 'Get in Touch' section at the bottom of this page.

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