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  • Infants
    Junior Infants tour to the theatre. 

    Friday 16th of November 2018 

     Junior Infants had their first school tour. We travelled on the bus to the Pavillion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire to see 'A Winters Wish' an interactive drama adventure, about animals in winter. All the infants got involved in singing and dancing. Such a fun day out!  

     Junior Infants posting their Santa letters last week -HO HO HO !!

    Junior Infants await patiently to go on stage for their performance of the Nativity. 

    Senior Infants Talent Spot 

    Friday 23rd of November 2018

    Senior Infants have been busy this week alongside their academic subjects, they have been preparing for their talent spot at the weekly assembly on Friday. The boys and girls love playing and creating with Lego block during free play and Aistear time, so they decided o base their talent spot around Lego. Their teacher Mrs. Farrell believes that there are lots of benefits to Lego play for children, such as developing problem solving and fine motor skills, improving mathematical thinking and also promoting both teamwork and communication.

    Senior Infants decided to involve the other pupils in the school, by splitting up into their house teams to earn some house team points.

    Following in the Lego maters footsteps each team got 30 Lego bricks. They then had to build a construction that, when dropped from a height, would shatter. For every brick that fell away from the construction, they got a house team point.

    When Friday arrived we were all very excited. Each team took it in turns to get up on the stage and drop their Lego construction. All the teams earned some well deserved house team points.

    Senior Infants and Mrs Farrell rocking out some dance moves to catchy song called ' Blitzen Boogie' at our annual Christmas Carol Service on Friday the 7th of December 

  • 1st Class

    We love being scientists in 1st class and we have been very busy since September investigating and discovering the world around us.

    We started
    off the year by testing our senses. We tasted different foods and discovered how
    our nose and sense of taste are connected. We all have sparkly white teeth and
    when we learnt about our teeth we investigated how different liquids can affect them; like acidic, sweet and neutral liquids.

    We didn’t want to use any of our
    own teeth so we used eggs instead! We discovered that vinegar dissolved the
    shell of the egg and made the egg like a bouncy ball. When we investigated
    colour, we learnt how different primary colours make secondary and tertiary

    We used Skittles to make a beautiful rainbow and painted colour wheel
    hot air balloon pictures. We learnt about the lifecycle of plants and we
    germinated our own beans in class. It was exciting to see them sprout after
    only a couple of days in their greenhouse bags!               



  • 2nd Class

    Our class has been very busy since Christmas as we have written and illustrated our own books as part of the Write a Book Project ( A huge amount of work went into writing these books and we put our super imaginations to work with stories about mythical creatures, a superhero dog, a megalodon and a pig who lived on an alien planet to name but a few!
    We have submitted our books to Blackrock Education Centre where they have been sent off to another school to be judged. We have received another schools bundle of books and are enjoying reading their stories. We can’t wait to hear who wins, but we know that we are all winners already…the Booker Prizeawaits! 




  • 3rd Class

     Third class dressed up for World Book Day. There were some amazing costumes. Billionaire Boy was a popular choice .

    We even had Alice in Wonderland in the room! 




  • 4th Class

    Fourth class were very excited to participate in World Book Day.

    The J.K. Rowling character, Harry Potter, was as popular as ever. 



  • 5th Class

    For World Book Day 5th Class  dressed up as their favourite characters from books. It was a very colourful day with lots of fun and creativity shown.

    Both classes were very lucky to have participated in a workshop on "Waste". We were reminded on how to recycle properly and to look after our environment and animals. Simple changes make big improvements! We are looking forward to our next workshop next week. 




  • 6th Class

    For engineer's week the boys made bridges. Lots of creativity and imagination came into play. They used lego, cardboard etc to make their bridges. They then tried them out by ensuring a car could travel safely over it. 

    Malachy, Aran, Daniel and Gabriele from 6th Class were very busy preparing for their confirmation. Finally the long awaited day came Saturday 9th March. They had a lovely day celebrating with friends and families form near and far.

    Many thanks to Father Kevin for doing such a wonderful job.

    The MPJS school choir was also in attendance and sang beautifully. Everybody did the school very proud.

    5th and 6th class went to Cork last weekend and played CBC Cork. Despite the weather conditions they played excellently well and represented our school brilliantly. They had a great time and are looking forward to when the Cork students come and play us on homeground. 




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