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Published in: 5th Class

At Assembly on Friday 5th Class told us about their trip to Dalkey Heritage Centre. They found out lots of interesting facts on the living history tour.

Published in: 5th Class

On Friday 18th September we all went to assembly. It was a special assembly where all the new boys got put on their house teams. In my class  (5th) Adam F. is on Pakenham, Oisin  is on Knapton, Adam B is on Mounttown and Joshua chosen for Carrickbrennan.By Edward.

Published in: 5th Class

A guy called Ruairi came in to talk about safety on bikes on Thursday. He was a nice man and he taught us lots of things like how to do a bike check- up on your own and how to cycle on the road and lots of other things.

Published in: 5th Class

The TY boys came in in costumes and we learned the disco dance. It goes D-I-O-S-C-O-Fadá!

The T Rex knocked over teacher's mug when we were doing the dance. It was funny and easy. It was very nice and good Irish.

T rex

Puc Fadá

On Tuesday, TY year boys came and brought hurleys with them. We had a competition to see who could hit the sliotar the furthest. Mr Molloy gave us an example and he made it look easy. When I tried to do it I missed four times in a row. The winners were Eoin from 6th Class, Daniel from 5th Class, Luca 4th Class and Emmet from 3rd Class. They each got chocolate bunnies.


hurl 2


Thank you to the transition years for the football and the Puc Fadá.

Published in: 5th Class

Nutrition Day

On Friday 13th we had pancakes and they were delicious mmmmmm. We also had pineapple and melons and these things called chiacchiere. They were very sugary and nice.


Keep Fit

In keep fit we played red robin and the blue team won so it was very annoying for the other teams.

General Subjects

This week we learned percentages and they were sooo easy. Noah brought in his project on Stephen Hawking which was excellent.

By Luke and Stephen.

Published in: 5th Class

5th class did projects on famous scientists and/or inventors. They had about three weeks to complete the project. They did some very interesting projects on people such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton and many many more. It was very successful.

The House Factor

On Friday 30th January, the House Teams competed in a very special event. The House Teams are Carrickbrennan, Mountown, Knapton and Packenham. Mr.Molloy picked names at random out of a jar. The person who was picked had to do a solo speech on any topic. There were some great speeches. well done to everyone who participated1 It was great fun!

By Alex  and Jamie



Published in: 5th Class

This week fifth class painted objects using  pointillism. We were inspired by Aboriginal paintings. We did so by dipping the end of the paintbrush into paint and making many dots on the sheet. We drew things like birds, fish, snakes, dingos, lizards, Ayers Rock and various shapes. 

By Conan and Joseph


Published in: 5th Class

So today we went to PE and played dodgeball. 5th went in teams of six. Everybody was trying to be the champion of dodgeball. Today was really fun and we hope to do it again.

by Noah and Mark 5th class.




Published in: 5th Class

This week we were researching Ireland 's boglands. We were divided into groups. Some of us researched and others wrote the information and drew excellent illustrations. 




Published in: 5th Class

This week we have been talking about 'Fairtrade' products.
We learnt that many poor people don't get the appropriate payment for working really hard for us to taste their delicious foods.

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