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Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely summer and are ready for a new school year.

A special welcome to our new Junior Infants Class and to the boys who joined other classes in the school. We hope you will be very happy here.

Published in: News

Monkstown Park Junior School took part again in the  April National Spring Clean event. Our chosen clean-up date was Wednesday 22nd April.

Published in: Infants

We were busy in Infants, learning how to sew. We made these really cool finger  puppets.

Published in: 5th Class

A guy called Ruairi came in to talk about safety on bikes on Thursday. He was a nice man and he taught us lots of things like how to do a bike check- up on your own and how to cycle on the road and lots of other things.

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Monday saw the beginnining of Active week. The whole school walked to Monkstown swimming pool for our weekly swimming lesson

Published in: Infants

This week in maths we are learning about money quantities, sorting, and sharing.

We are pleased to report the scarecrow has a new face, so hopefully now, instead of the birds eating the scarecrow, he will scare the birds away from the gardening plots

This week we planted lavender, and pumpkins.



Published in: 1st Class

First class boys relaxing in the garden with their new friends Leonard the ladybird and Patrick the snail.

Published in: 5th Class

The TY boys came in in costumes and we learned the disco dance. It goes D-I-O-S-C-O-Fadá!

The T Rex knocked over teacher's mug when we were doing the dance. It was funny and easy. It was very nice and good Irish.

T rex

Puc Fadá

On Tuesday, TY year boys came and brought hurleys with them. We had a competition to see who could hit the sliotar the furthest. Mr Molloy gave us an example and he made it look easy. When I tried to do it I missed four times in a row. The winners were Eoin from 6th Class, Daniel from 5th Class, Luca 4th Class and Emmet from 3rd Class. They each got chocolate bunnies.


hurl 2


Thank you to the transition years for the football and the Puc Fadá.

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