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Published in: Infants

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the Chinese New Year. 2015 is the year of the Sheep (Ram)
We made paper lanterns, dragon puppets and lucky decorations, had a go at writing our name in Chinese, as well as making a story book about why the Chinese New Year is called "The Great Race"


ji cniJun inf c ny

Published in: 5th Class

Nutrition Day

On Friday 13th we had pancakes and they were delicious mmmmmm. We also had pineapple and melons and these things called chiacchiere. They were very sugary and nice.


Keep Fit

In keep fit we played red robin and the blue team won so it was very annoying for the other teams.

General Subjects

This week we learned percentages and they were sooo easy. Noah brought in his project on Stephen Hawking which was excellent.

By Luke and Stephen.

Published in: News

Energy Green Flag Competition

Make your own CAR out of Recycled materials and RACE it on the Wednesday 4th March




Instructions for making your car

It must be made from recycled materials

No toy wheels are allowed these include lego, dulpo, mega blocks, and toy car wheels

We need an Active Flag Motto

It must be at least 2 sentences long and about getting active

Published in: 3rd Class

Mr Molloy and Ms Heppenstall brought us over to the science lab where we learned about energy.

We then had great fun examining how far air propelled cars could travel.

We were put in teams and had to measure how far the cars moved over three turns.

It was great fun .

scie 5 scie2

Published in: News

We came in Una's  car along with Grainne and her son. When we got there we went to a bench to eat the delicious chocolate chip cookies that Grainne brought for us. When we finished we went to RJs and stayed in a classroom with the other schools that were participating. Overall we got eleven points which put us into 4th place out of six which is our best score yet. After the chess, Rathgar gave us treat bags and we went home! THE END



chess 1

By Daniel, Cillian and Matthew. Sadly Ben was out today and couldn't write the article with us.


Published in: 6th Class

All the classes in the school made St Bridget's crosses as February 1st is St Bridget's Day and the crosses were usually made on St Bridget's eve.

We used rushes and string to make the crosses.

brid 6Bridg

Published in: 5th Class

5th class did projects on famous scientists and/or inventors. They had about three weeks to complete the project. They did some very interesting projects on people such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton and many many more. It was very successful.

The House Factor

On Friday 30th January, the House Teams competed in a very special event. The House Teams are Carrickbrennan, Mountown, Knapton and Packenham. Mr.Molloy picked names at random out of a jar. The person who was picked had to do a solo speech on any topic. There were some great speeches. well done to everyone who participated1 It was great fun!

By Alex  and Jamie



Published in: 5th Class

This week fifth class painted objects using  pointillism. We were inspired by Aboriginal paintings. We did so by dipping the end of the paintbrush into paint and making many dots on the sheet. We drew things like birds, fish, snakes, dingos, lizards, Ayers Rock and various shapes. 

By Conan and Joseph


Published in: Infants
Today in Infants we joined Manorbrook Montessori  and made a Volcano erupting experiment
What you'll need:
  • Baking Soda (make sure it's not baking powder)
  • Vinegar
  • A container to hold everything and avoid a big mess!
  • Paper towels or a cloth (just in case)
  1. Place some of the baking soda into your container.
  2. Pour in some of the vinegar
  3. Watch as the reaction takes place!
What's happening?
The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a base while the vinegar (acetic acid) is an acid. When they react together they form carbonic acid which is very unstable, it instantly breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide, which creates all the fizzing as it escapes the solution.
For extra effect you can make a realistic looking volcano. It takes some craft skills but it will make your vinegar and baking soda eruptions will look even more impressive!



Published in: 4th Class

Mark brought in his limited edition of a Bedford OB King Alfred Omnibus Company Ltd. This was a 1:24 scale diecast replica. The detail was amazing.


bedford 2

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