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  • Ethos

    Our School Mission Statement:

    To provide education for children in a caring Christian atmosphere in the pursuit of all-round character development and academic excellence.

    Monkstown Park Junior School was established in July 2014, when the former CBC Junior School was transferred from the Edmund Rice Schools Trust to a company set up to take ownership of the school. MPJS continues to be an associate member of the ERST.

    There has been a junior school in Monkstown Park since 1950, when the Christian Brother purchased the grounds to house their expanding Dun Laoghaire school. The School was transferred to the ERST in 2008.

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    We encourage a love of learning and participation in school life and seek to supply a well- rounded education.

  • After School Club

    After School Club

    Manorbrook After School Club offers an extended day After-School Club programme until 6pm for school going aged children from 5-12yrs of age. Boys and girls from Monkstown Park Junior School are welcome to attend the on-site After-School Club service. Children from the surrounding locality and other schools in the area are also welcome to attend. This makes the club are great place to mix and socialise with other children and make new friends along the way.

    Manorbrook After-School is run during the academic school term and offers a fun and varied After-School Club for all who attend. Some of the activities include: Multi- Sports, Competitions, prize giving, fun workshops each term, outdoor adventure hunts, construction classes, dance classes and more!

    Manorbrook After School Club is also offering the Active Kids Coaching Programme - which is run by a qualified Sports Coach who provides a professional fitness based aged appropriate programme, which aims to promote a Healthy & Active lifestyle among the children. Some of the topics include lots of physical activity, sports skills and techniques, team building exercises and nutrition.

    We have use of the large outdoor space where the children can practice their skills on the Rugby pitches or Astro turf area.

    Each child who stays until 6pm is also provided with a nutritious hot meal. Children who stay for a shorter period are given a healthy snack.

    For more information about the Club please contact:

  • Green School

                                                                                                    Green Schools 

    This year Monkstown Park Junior School are working towards the Active Flag

    Active School week 23rd to 27th March 2015

    We are looking for new sporting activities for the boys to try out during active week, should you know of any club or association, sports personality, or you, yourself would like to get involved please let us know. Here are some ideas …. Yoga, Irish dancing, Archery, Be Active Stations, Cricket, Fencing, Cross country, GAA, Hurling, Welly Throwing, Skipping…..

    Our School is currently very busy working on the theme of Energy. As you know we were awarded our first Green Flag last year for the reduction of litter and waste and we would be delighted to be awarded our second Green Flag for Energy reduction. The following committee members along with the staff and pupils at Monkstown Park Junior School are working together to raise awareness about energy usage and how to save energy at home and in school. Meeting are held every 2nd Thursday, at 2pm in Infants room.Parents are more than welcome to join us.

    Eco Team

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    Senior Infants Daniel, Tom, Tom O’D, Eoin, and Dima

    1st Class Jake

    3rd Class Ruairi G, Ruairi and Emmet

    4th Class Mark and Ethan

    5th Class Kevin and Matthew

    6th Class Paul and Max

    The Green School

    Congratulations to Tom O on winning the school Christmas Recycled Decoration Competition. Tom went to a dlr ceremony to represent Monkstown Park Junior School and received a highly commended certificate and medal.


    Renewable Energies Workshop

    As part of our green flag programme. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6thclasses had a workshop on the importance of renewable energies and how we need to think about alternative energies for the future. As part of the workshop, the boys used Hydrogen to power up a small toy car.

    Green School Energy Saving Tips

    Everybody should be trying to reduce their energy consumption. Not only will it help you reduce your fuel bills, but you will also be helping do your bit for the environment. Not everything costs a lot of money.

    Here are some low and no cost energy saving tips that you should try to introduce into your lifestyle:

    Defrost your fridge / freezer regularly - they will work more efficiently. Make sure the door closes properly

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    • Place foil behind radiators to reflect the heat
    • Choose a saucepan that can cover the cooker ring and don't let the gas flame lick      up the side of it. Use a saucepan lid wherever possible
    • Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need. (Make sure you cover the element)
    • Electrical appliances such as televisions, computers and games consoles still use      power even when on stand-by, so where possible switch appliances off when they are not in use
    • Always use the washing machine and dishwasher with a full load
    • Dry clothes outside when possible
    • Switch off unwanted lights and open curtains to allow daylight into rooms
    • Close curtains at dusk to retain the heat
    • Insulate your hot water tank. A tank jacket costs very little and will pay for itself in months
    • Have a shower instead of a bath. A shower uses 40% of the hot water needed for a bath

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    Under the guidance of Ms. Heppenstall the boys have done fantastic work resulting in Monkstown Park attaining our first Green Flag this year.  We were proud to mark the occasion by raising the flag on top of our school.  We look forward to the new school year so we can begin working towards our next Green Flag!

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    The ways in which we make our school a greener place to be: 

    • There has been a huge reduction on the amount of rubbish generated with plenty of recycling, composting and reusing happening in our school. 
    • The boys have entered competitions for making rockets and Christmas Decorations out of recyclable or recycled materials.
    • They have taken part in the Big Clean all around the local Monkstown area last April and look forward to doing the same next April!
    • We have made soup from the vegetables we planted last year and are enjoying the cheery spring flowers which we planted as bulbs.
    • We are working towards encouraging wildlife with bird feeders and a bug hotel.  (Thanks to Ali for his help).
    • The boys now use lunch boxes or bags instead of foil or clingfilm and have reusable drinking bottles.
    • 5th Class partake in lessons on cycling safety kindly facilitated by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co. Co. each year.
    • The boys had a visit from 'Down to Earth' Theatre Company who put on an environmental themed play called 'A Breath of Fresh Air'.  It was an excellent production which got across an important message in a fun and enjoyable way. Thank you to DLR CoCo for arranging the visit. 

    Have a look at our Green School Notice Board the next time you are in to see what else we've been doing.

    Well done to everyone for all their hard work.


    Ideas to reduce waste in our School

    Use our lunchbox

    Eat our food

    Bring uneaten food and wrappers home

    Avoid using cling film and aluminium foil. Use a box with a lid instead eg. Tupperware / plastic containers

    Use a reusable drink bottle rather than carton juices

    Compost bin, all apple cores, orange peel, fruit – each class has a day to empty the compost bin

    Monday – 1st Class, Tuesday – 3rd Class, Wednesday – 4th Class, Thursday- 5th, Friday -6th Class

    Food to be eaten in classroom and not walking around the school or yard

  • Parents Committee

    Parents Committee

    We are a group of volunteer parents who support the teachers and staff by providing extra activities and events to enhance the boys' enjoyment of the school year.

    We organise activities for the boys each term. These activities are designed to be inclusive for all boys, catering for sporting and other interests, introducing the boys to new experiences and preserving the traditions and ethos of the school.

    We are not involved in any academic or management role within the Junior School.

    First Holy Communion

    Our main event is the First Holy Communion Brunch which takes place each year in May. This special  brunch is organised by our wonderful Parents Committee and is for the pupils of Second Class and their families. This is a wonderful tradition in Monkstown Park Junior School and becomes a great memory for all the pupils and their families.

    Tea and Coffee Morning

    The Committee starts the year with a welcome Tea and Coffee Morning for the parents of new students. This provides a great opportunity to get to know some of the parents they will be sharing many memories with over the next eight to fourteen years!


    October brings Halloween and, with it, the Annual Cake Sale, Cake Decorating and Mask Making Competitions. This is the main fundraiser of the year and the proceeds go to all the activities undertaken throughout the year, most especially, the First Holy Communion Brunch. The students are responsible for decorating a cake in a Halloween-themed design and both their masks and cakes are then judged by completely independent judges. Every year they have a difficult but fun time doing their very important job!

    Science Week

    November is when we bring some science-theme visitors to the school to mark Science Week. Each class has the opportunity to take part in this event and all students really enjoy learning about science and technology - usually both!


    December is a busy month in the school. The Committee decorates the school and provides tea, coffee and some seasonal treats at the Carol Service. The Library sub-committee organises the hotly-contested Christmas Quiz where the house teams from Second Class to Sixth Class battle it out for precious House Points (while enjoying the treats provided!). The Committee also arranges for Santa to visit the students from Junior Infants to First Class with a present for all. Thanks to the generous donations of food items from the parents, the Committee provides some beautiful hampers to the local branch of St. Vincent de Paul.

    Animal Magic

    The Spring Term sees the some wonderful animals coming to visit the school. Sometimes we have the Agri-Aware mobile farm and other times it’s exotic species of birds and beasts from Animal Magic. The students have a chance to get up close to some great animals ranging from little baby lambs and chicks, large owls, donkeys, small turtles and lizards and of course the occasional friendly snake family!


    The Committee provides light refreshments for the Sixth Class pupils and their families in the Parish Centre after they celebrate their Confirmation each year.

    Chess Club

    The very successful Chess Club runs at lunchtime once a week in the Library. It begins with lessons and friendly games and ends with the very exciting annual Chess Competition. Pupils from each class participate and the Library is always packed for the final game! A team is also selected from Fifth and Sixth Classes represent the school each year at the AIJS (Association of Independent Junior Schools) chess tournament which takes place in Rathgar Junior School.

    Nutrition Committee

    The Nutrition Committee provides healthy and tasty Nutrition Days a number of times each term. The students are encouraged to try foods they may have avoided trying before, sometimes surprising themselves! We do occasionally sneak in a little treat for them too.

    The Library

    The school Library is run by parents from the Committee and is open one morning each week to allow the students to borrow books. The Library is also open and supervised some days during lunchtime for the boys who don't want to go out to yard. They play board games, run quizzes or just sit and chat. During World Book week we have visiting authors to the Library to chat to the boys.

    During World Book week we have visiting authors in to the Library to chat to the younger pupils. The older classes take a trip to see authors in a local book shop in Dun Laoghaire.

    End of Term Class Raffles

    At the end of each term the Committee holds a free raffle for all the students during Friday Assembly. Depending on the term the prizes could be Christmas selection boxes, Easter eggs or various sports items.

    Rugby Training

    Saturday morning rugby training is run by a team of parents (mostly, but not exclusively, fathers) who help to coach the teams from Second Class to Sixth Class - it's not clear quite who enjoys the training more, the Dads or the boys! The parents also help out during home and away matches. The Committee provides refreshments for parents and players at all the home matches.

    Sports Day

    Finally, to finish the year on a sweet note, the Committee brings in the ice-cream van and all the students get to enjoy a whipped ice-cream to cool them down!

    Our school is very lucky to have  wonderful dedicated parents who volunteer their time and help out in various ways throughout each year. We couldn't do it without you and it really enhances the students enjoyment of school life. If you would like to join the Committee or help out at any of our activities feel free to get in touch with us - our email address is Parents.Committee@mpjs.ie.

What makes Monkstown Park unique?

    Extensive Grounds

    Monkstown Park offers impressive and extensive grounds and green areas.

  • Convenient Times
    8am drop-off and after-school club until 6pm

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    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Monkstown Park Junior School offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities, including:

    Speech and Drama
    Activity Club

    Small Class Sizes

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  • STEM

    Monkstown Park offers a new STEM program for Science Technology, Engineering and Maths based in our dedicated STEM suite.

    Easy Transition

    Monkstown Park Junior School provides an easy transition to CBC senior school all on the one campus.

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