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Policy on Student Use of Electronic Devices

From time to time, students may need a mobile phone or other electronic device whilst in School.  However, problems can occur when phones disrupt class time or any of  these devices is used to take inappropriate photographs etc. 


The following is a set of rules that governs student use of mobile phones and other electronic  devices in the School:

  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices are allowed but under certain conditions.
  • At 9.00am they must be deposited in the Secretary’s office.
  • The phone/electronic device must be switched off at 9.00am.
  • The phone/electronic device may be collected/switched on again at 3.00pm unless the student is attending homework club in which case the phone may be collected/switched on again at 4.00pm.
  • From time to time, an individual phone may be needed during the day but this can only occur with the permission of the class teacher.
  • The phone/electronic device may not be used as a camera except under teacher supervision.
  • Mobile phones/electronic devices are brought in to School at the owner's risk.

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