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Flying kites and Science Fun

Flying kites and Science Fun

In Junior Infants, we thoroughly enjoyed ‘Science Week’. We did lots of fun activities;

We learnt about the Wright Brothers who invented the first flying aeroplane, made our own paper aeroplanes, and we all got to fly a kite.

We found out if raisins can dance, and yes, they can!! - You just need to add raisins to sparkling water and they dance up and down the glass.

The class made a rain cloud in a jar, using shaving foam, water, and food colouring, it looked and acted just as a cloud when it rains.

The magnet was a big favourite and everything in the Junior Infant classroom was tested to see if it was magnetic or non-magnetic

Students conducted experiments at home with their families, and then in class. We looked at photographs and a little video of their experiments, and each student explained how they conducted their experiment.

We finished the week off with ‘Kindness Day’ everyone made a card for their friend and inside they told their friends what they liked about them.

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