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Getting Ready for Halloween

Getting Ready for Halloween

The excitement for Halloween has been building and the students of Junior Infants have been busy preparing for Halloween and decorating their classroom;

As a work together with each other project we created a mural of a tree, each child painted a few branches and printed leaf templates with different autumn colours, the result is a lovely Autumn tree that coincides with talks about Autumn and Halloween.

Carving pumpkins, we looked at several pumpkin designs and the class agreed upon 'the pumpkin getting sick design' after drawing the template on the pumpkin, everyone got to carve out the pumpkin and feel and take out the gloopy insides. (see pictures)

Making pumpkin characters.

1, First, we mixed red and yellow paint to make the colour orange.

2, Once the pumpkin painting dried, we chose the facial features we wanted for our pumpkin and cut and glued on the features onto our pumpkins.

3, We stuck on the legs and arms, to create our own 'Pumpkin Character' (see pictures)

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