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3rd & 4th Class update

3rd & 4th Class update

This term saw the return of a few familiar faces and some new ones too. The class also have a new teacher this year and they have been very welcoming. The first week was spent getting to know one another playing games like 'Two Truths One Lie' and 'Friendship Treasurehunts'. We also focused on the very important issue of bullying as it was Anti-Bullying Week. We spoke about various issues surrounding bullying like what to do if we witness bullying, how can we create a bully-free school and creating anti-bullying posters.

In our second week we began to look at our local area and decided to focus on our county, in particular the crest. We looked at the different crests Dublin has had throughout the years and its historical significance and symbolism. Towards the end of the week we embarked on a group-based art project to try to replicate the current Dublin crest. The class was broken into 4 groups and given a quarter of the crest each. Each group had to work together to recreate their part of the crest and also make sure that it would match up with what the other groups were doing. The final product was brilliant and a proof that "teamwork makes the dream work." The crest can be seen in our classroom window for all to see as our way of supporting The Boys in Blue this weekend against Kerry.

Feb 29
Rugby vs CBC Cork Away TBC
Mar 07
Rugby Away to St. Gerard's TBC
Mar 13
Lá Glas
Mar 14
Rugby Away vs Pres Bray tbc
Friday 14th of February
Trying lots of different foods
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