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5th Class Biodiversity Irish Animals Project and Presentation

5th Class Biodiversity Irish Animals Project and Presentation

All the students in 5th class have been extremely busy with their biodiversity projects. The chosen topic was all about “Irish animals.” Not only did they each do an individual project on their chosen animals, each student gave a presentation on their chosen animal to the Junior Infants!!

We all know that Junior Infants love asking questions, well the Junior Infants did not go easy on our 5th class students. They quizzed them on their subjects and asked every question they could possibly think of!! Well done 5th Class you were more than capable to answering their questions and we all learnt lots of new facts about Irish animals.

Here are some very interesting facts about these wonderful creatures you might not know.

Mattia's project was all about “The Stoat” fact "Did you know it can kill an animal 5 times it weight!!"

Bobby talked about “Hedgehogs” did you know hedgehogs used to be called “Sea Urchins”?

Dan gave an interesting presentation about “The Irish Pygmy Shrew” these little fellas can live for up to 13 years and are Ireland’s smallest mammal measuring between 4.5 and 6cm.

Karl talked about the rarest mammal in Ireland “The Pine Martin” with only 2,000 remaining in Ireland, at the last count.

Filipe gave his talk on “Bats” his fun fact is that the “Leisler Bat” are the biggest bat in Ireland and when fully grown they are only 5-7cm, so they are really small mammals.

Louis gave an interesting talk about “Red Deer’s” Did you know only red deer have antlers and they fall off and re-grow every year?

Toby was asked tons of questions by the Junior Infants about the “Red Fox”, but he was well prepared for all the questioning. Did you know in urban areas red foxes live between 12 and 18 years but in the wild they usual only live for about 3 years!

David discussed “Wild Irish Hares” Did you know a baby hares are called “Leverets”?

Luke also got asked a ton of questions by the chatty Junior Infants on his chosen animal the “Otter”, but he had all the answers. We found out that fish accounts for 80% of the otter’s diet and there are 13 different types of otter.

We hope you learnt a fun fact. Thanks for reading, till next time.

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