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A visit to the Doctors and Vets

A visit to the Doctors and Vets

This month, Senior Infants have been busy learning all about the doctors and vets. The students have been x-raying each other and fixing each others "broken bones". We have really enjoyed learning about what doctors and vets do.

Senior Infants have been busy creating lots of Art. We continued watching Art Hub for kids for some follow along drawings. The students have also been learning about Arctic animals, so they created some polar bear collages using newspaper and paint.

We also learnt a lot about Australia and Aboriginals. We learnt about the different Australian animals and how there are lots of dangerous animals there! We also learnt all about Aboriginal art and music. Senior Infants loved listening to the didgeridoo! We even learnt a few aboriginal words! (wungarra = boy, waruwi = girl)

Senior Infants were helping to collect leaves to help start a compost heap! Theres was lots of teamwork to fill the wheelbarrows up.

We are looking forward to Chinese New Year and cannot wait to see what art and activities we will be doing!

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