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Biodiversity, Science Week and G24

Biodiversity, Science Week and G24

Time flies when your having fun!

Over the last few weeks we took part in lots of activities.

Biodiversity is the "Green Flag" the school is working towards this year, and in Junior Infants we have been doing a bit of gardening around the mud kitchen area, weeding the planting areas so it is ready for new plants and bulbs. Collecting all the fallen leaves with the help of our caretakers Mr Ali and Ted. We have saved the leaves ready to make a compost heap and wormy in the new year.

Everyone tasted some autumn fruits, blackberries, plums, pears, and apples. A lot of the children were surprised when they realised, they liked some of the fruits that they thought they didn’t like. In our learning about tasting we talked about how important it is to try new foods as our taste buds continue to change as we grow.

Learning about seasons was on of our themes this month and we learnt that if it’s winter in Ireland then its summer in Australia in the other side of the world.

During science week, we did lots of cool experiments, dancing raisins, making shadows. Some of our experiments we got to do outside to do like floating and sinking and learning about magnetic forces and which items stick to magnets.

The class continues to go for a morning 1 km run before school every morning at 8.50am through the forest and down the football pitches, it gives us a great start to our day.

Gaelige 24 was great the whole class practiced speaking and listening to Irish all day. We did a HIIT gym lesson, watch cartoons in Irish, sang songs, played games and we made a cool video with the whole school making a G24.

Till next time.....

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