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Celebrating Artistic Talent at MPJS:

Artistic Talent at MPJS: Ocean-Themed Green School Flag Project
Celebrating Artistic Talent at MPJS:

Celebrating Artistic Talent at MPJS: Ocean-Themed Green School Flag Project

MPJS recently showcased the incredible artistic talents of its students through a special project aligned with the Green School Flag initiative. This year's theme focused on "Global Citizen and Litter," with an emphasis on envisioning the future of our oceans and seas.

Participants from across the school were invited to create artwork that reflected their hopes and dreams for cleaner, healthier oceans. The diversity of thought and creativity on display was truly remarkable, with each piece offering a unique perspective on the importance of preserving our marine environments.

In a wonderful addition to fostering environmental awareness and artistic expression, the project also incorporated a competitive element. Students earned points for their house teams based on their participation and the creativity exhibited in their artwork. This friendly competition spurred enthusiasm and engagement, making the project a resounding success.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this meaningful and inspiring project. Your visions for our oceans and seas not only contribute to the Green School Flag initiative but also demonstrate the powerful role that art can play in environmental advocacy. Your creativity and passion are commendable, and together, you've made a significant contribution to raising awareness about the importance of global citizenship and the impact of litter on our marine ecosystems. Well done, everyone!

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