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February Fun

The February Fun has begun!!!
February Fun

February is always a fantastic month in MPJS. There is also lots of fun outdoor activities as the weather picks up. We kicked off the outdoor activities with some Bird Watching to investigate the types of birds on the campus. We went for a gigantic nature walk and looked skywards to see what we could see. There was so much activity in the sky that we were really spoiled for choice. We saw the usual birds like the Magpies, Pigeons, Crows and Sea Gulls but when we really tuned our eyes into it, we were able to spot the smaller birds in the bushes and shrubbery like Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Sparrows and Robins. We even saw a Thrush and a Wag Tail. A very successful Bird Watching trip if you ask me.

Love was in the air in 2nd Class as we prepared lovely “Heart Air Balloons” for Valentine’s Day. The children made 3D Hearts and stuck them together to create a beautiful gift for their loved ones. We had a lot of fun making these beautiful creations.

We also got the opportunity to pick 1 animal and complete a project on it. The kids worked really hard and their project and the finished product speaks for itself. I’m looking forward to March as the weather continues to pick up and we are on the run up to the Easter Festivities.

Dec 14
Christmas Songs & Carols
Dec 16
Whole School Mass
Dec 21
Closes 12 noon Christmas Break
Dec 22
Christmas Break
What a fantastic month!
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