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February In 1st Class

February In 1st Class
February In 1st Class

First Class celebrated the beginning of spring by learning all about the history of St Brigid’s Day. They enjoyed making a painting of St Brigid’s cloak, which now hangs outside the classroom. With the help of the older girls and boys in 4th class, 1st Class also made a big St Brigid’s Cross from reeds that Mrs Tuohy, the school Secretary, kindly brought in for all the classes. We then enjoyed a day off school due to the new Bank Holiday weekend dedicated to St Brigid.

Love was in the air just before the midterm break. Thank you to Freya and the parent's committee who visited 1st class with Valentine's goodies. Heart marshmallows, heart strawberries, and not forgetting heart chocolates were the treats on the day. The boys learnt about St Valentine’s life in Roman times and painted beautiful heart pictures to take home to their parents.

On Shrove Tuesday, 1st class boys had another visit from the parent's committee. This time they came with plates of pancakes for everyone, with a choice of maple or golden syrup drizzle. It just as well Lent was starting the next day after all those delicious treats!

Matteo and Xavier shared the interesting news with the whole school the largest pancake in the world were about 15 metres long.

Music teacher Martin’s lessons have been focusing on the art of drumming. The whole school is involved in the percussion experience, and so far, no complaints from the neighbours!

Of course, our classwork has kept us busy, with a break every Monday for swimming at Blue Pool, which the boys really love.

The fifth and sixth class recently set up their Junior Enterprise Programme (JEP). They made an energy drink called ‘Beat’. The boys from the first-class loved it! Everyone said they looked forward to joining JEP when they got to sixth class.

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