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Forest Findings

Using our facilities to the fullest potential!!!
Forest Findings

In 2nd Class we have really started this term as we mean to go on. There has been great energy and enthusiasm this year and we’re making the most of our facilities here in MPJS. We have started our Autumn lessons in SESE and have learned so much already. It began with group work, working together to write down what the children knew about Autumn before we even opened a book. The input from the class was amazing and they really worked well together. We progressed this on to a Nature Walk in our Fabulous Forests. We were looking for Horse Chestnuts for our annual Conker Competition and Sycamore Seedlings. Needless to say, our forest provided all this and more. It’s one thing to teach the children about Autumn in class but it’s a much better learning opportunity to bring the children outdoors to see nature in all it’s glory. Look at some of the pictures of our class out exploring in our amazing school grounds. We will continue to build in Nature Walks as part of our lessons in SESE for the children to see, first-hand, what the changes are in Autumn. We really are blessed with the facilities we have, and thankfully we use them to their fullest potential. Stay tuned to keep up to date with the amazing things we do here in MPJS.

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