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Happy 2022!!

Another new start to a brand new year - here we come!!
Happy 2022!!

After a relaxing and very much deserved Christmas holiday we came back to school. It was great seeing all pupils and staff again and chatting about our holidays and what Santa brought us all.

We are at the early stages of preparing for our whole school play. We are keeping the theme local this year and 6th class are busy writing scripts about people buried in the Carrickbrennan Graveyard, which is located right beside our school. We scaled the walls and looked to see whose graves we could find. We made some grave rubbings of their gravestone. There is so much history to be found there. We are looking forward to researching and learning more.

We are letting our creative juices flow this term. Each student looked for a still life painting that resonated with them. They sketched it out roughly first to get a grasp on it, then added lots of colour. The children wrote a small piece on the artists. I am super proud of all their works of art.

Finally, our JEP journey is nearing the end. We finished producing our nail art board before Christmas. We wish to thank all the pupils, parents and school community who supported us in our business venture. We are finishing up the finance end of things, deciding on charity donations and looking forward to receiving our hard earned cash.

Dec 14
Christmas Songs & Carols
Dec 16
Whole School Mass
Dec 21
Closes 12 noon Christmas Break
Dec 22
Christmas Break
What a fantastic month!
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