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January in 3rd Class

January in 3rd Class

January has traditionally been a month of celebrations and festivals.

For Chinese and Korean New Year, we celebrated the year of the rabbit.

We went to the Lexicon Library and participated in an amazing workshop on 'Cantonese in Ireland.'

We learned about the rabbit year, made posters, and practised speaking and writing a few Cantonese words.

It was a very enjoyable workshop.

The following holiday was 'Australia Day.'

Cooper brought many Australian items into the classroom, and many brave students tried the

famous 'Vegemite.'

There was a lot of disagreement about whether it was liked or disliked.

Cooper told us about Australia and let us sample various foods and treats.

Our students are learning to play the ukulele in music class. Our wonderful music teacher, Martin, has been teaching the students how to play the ukulele in music class. The music is fantastic.

This geography term has been a real eye-opener for us as we learn about maps, how to design and read them, and where various countries and cities can be found on a map.

Following our map reading, we went on a litter pick-up and created a map of where we found litter.
Water bottles on the field appeared to be the most wasteful.

We continued debating this month, and we're getting pretty good at it!!!

Until the next time.....

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