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Junior Infants, Biodiversity- Planting and Composting

Junior Infants, Biodiversity- Planting and Composting

As usual it's all go, go go in Junior Infants !!

Australia day was on 26th of January, so we took the opportunity to learn about life on the other side of the world, we learnt about kangaroo's, wallabies, koala's, emus, aboriginal customs, how to make a flying boomerang and several boomerangs did come back!

The planting has started and we planted peas, we used compressed compost which was a new experience for many children trying to add just the right amount of water to the compost. There are sitting on the windowsill and a few shoots are starting to show already.

We got to celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the year of the "Tiger". We tried chopsticks and ate noodles, a few students were really surprised they liked them especially with sweet chilli sauce and soya sauce.

With the help of Mr Ali our caretaker we made a leaf compost heap cage, the children loved filling the wheelbarrows with leaves and wheeling and emptying them into the cage. We managed to fill the cage with a joint effort from Senior Infants.

The Winter Olympics started yesterday in Beijing and we got the opportunity to join a zoom call with two athletes and hear all about the training and the exciting winter sports events.

We are still running every morning before school and playing outside as much as much as we can, we got a new car garage made for us out of a cable reel.

Fifth Class visited our class and told us all about different Irish animals including red deer's, pine martins, hares and many more animals. Being Junior Infants they asked them lots and lots of different questions and the fifth class students loved all the questions !! Well done 5th Class

Oh and some more exciting news !! We are all reading books !!

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What a fantastic month!
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