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Karl O'Sullivan's recount on our day at Seapoint

Enjoy this amazing recount on a great day at the beach.
Karl O'Sullivan's recount on our day at Seapoint

Today was no ordinary day in school. We had the privilege to go on an adventure to Seapoint beach with our teacher and a marine biologist. We got shovels, buckets, boxes, a large sieve and a net to explore the sandy shore. We were split into groups of four, each group digging and sieving the sand to try and find animals and insects. We came across multiple rag worms, shells and other insects. It was interesting to see how these insects could survive living underneath the sand despite people walking on the beach. We all filled our boxes with insects, water and sand.

Next, we walked over to another part of the beach where it was a rockier shore. A lot of people found small fish, shrimp and crabs hidden under the seaweed and rocks as they needed a different environment to hide and survive. A lot of the rocks were covered with seaweed and it was extremely slippery and wet. It was interesting to see something different that somebody found. After we had finished exploring and collecting a variety of insects and sea life we gathered around as the marine biologist explained to us what we had found and the names of the insects and sealife. There were crabs, shrimp, fish, worms and shells.

After our adventure we returned to our school and everybody was talking about what they found in the water. I found today very interesting and gave me a new perspective of the beach and the amazing life in it that I will take with me every time I go to the beach.

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