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Kickstarting a New Active Year towards our 3rd Active Flag

Kickstarting a New Active Year towards our 3rd Active Flag

Kickstarting an Active School Year

The new academic year brings an exciting initiative to our school, spearheaded by the newly formed Active School Committee and Ms Heppenstall. Their mission is to weave physical activity into the daily life of every student, transforming our school into a hub of energy and health.

The first order of business was the introduction of the Active School Agreement—a pledge signed by students and staff alike, committing to a more active lifestyle within our educational community. This agreement is the foundation of our efforts to foster a culture where movement and health are at the forefront.

The committee's plans are ambitious yet inclusive, aiming to incorporate physical activity across various aspects of school life. From classroom-based exercises to school-wide sports events, the initiative promises a diverse range of activities designed to get everyone moving, regardless of their interests or abilities.

This drive towards a more active school environment is about more than just physical well-being; it's about building a vibrant, positive community that values health and activity. As we move forward, the enthusiasm for this initiative is clear, marking a significant step towards a healthier, more active future for our school.

May 31
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Active Week and Well Being Week
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