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Puppet Fun and Biodiversity

Puppet Fun and Biodiversity

It's been a lovely few weeks in Junior Infants, the sun is shining more and every morning we enjoy our morning walk around the campus. Everyone had a great Easter break and came back refreshed, it was great seeing the big boys in the Senior School returning, there were balloons and a big banner welcoming them back.

For drama the class made sock puppets for homework and they brought them into school. Each child performed a puppet show for Mrs Lester and the class. The children put on great shows using their puppets.

We have been really busy working on our Biodiversity projects. We made a big class display about how a tree develops and encourages biodiversity. All the children picked a topic and produced a picture and a written explanation. We didn't stop there, we also made sunflower pictures, paintings, drawings and collages. All the pictures are proudly displayed on the windows of our classroom so everyone can see them.

Mr Ali our caretaker talked to the class about machine safety and showed us the sit on lawnmower.

To encourage healthy eating we are trying new foods, especially vegetables and fruits, so far we have tried pineapples, tomatoes, pomegranate mango, cucumber, blueberries and carrots.

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