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Reopening the Active Walkway

Exploring Our New Active Walkway
Reopening the Active Walkway

Exploring Our New Active Walkway

Exciting news for our school community! We've reintroduced the Active Walkway, ingeniously crafted by our student's Active School committee. This walkway is not just a path but a journey through 14 vibrant educational signs, each promoting physical and mental engagement across a range of subjects.

This year, we've added an orienteering twist! The signs, thoughtfully positioned around our school grounds, including the playing fields and near our playground, support subjects from math with walkway clocks to literacy with reading suggestions, and are fully removable for dynamic learning experiences for all the students.

Spanning 1km, the walkway encourages students to combine physical activity with learning, and now, with orienteering, they'll develop navigation skills as they move from one sign to the next. This initiative, supported by Active School Flag and Get Ireland Walking, doubles as an excellent practice ground for our cross-country championships, when we invite other local schools later this month.

May 31
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Active Week and Well Being Week
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