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Science Week

Science Week

We have been extremely busy in 2nd class over the past few weeks. We have been out exploring in the forest again monitoring the continuous changes that are happening in Autumn. We have been looking at specific trees and noticing the differences that have occurred over time. We are also comparing the Evergreen Trees to Deciduous Trees and discussing the differences. Have a look at our pictures below that capture the changes in the Autumn fantastically well.

We also have been having great fun during Science Week. We were discussing Sustainable Energy and how Green energy is better for our environment. We have conducted numerous Science Investigations. We made Windmills to show how Sustainable Energy works, we made aerodynamic structures and flew our Paper Airplanes outside, we build a Bridge using recyclable material, we created Static Electricity using Balloons to move paper and make our hair stick up and we created a Chemical Reaction between our water, food colouring, oil and an effervescent tablet to create ‘lava’ while making our Lava Lamps. It was a fun and fantastic week with lots of Active Learning. Have a look at the photos of our work!! It was a very busy 2 weeks! Keep an eye on our Social Media Page for more updates of our work.

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