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Physical Education

Physical Education

At MPJS School, physical education is all about fun, fitness, and learning new skills! Each student enjoys a full hour of PE every week, diving into a variety of exciting activities from Athletics and Aquatics to Dance, Gymnastics, Games, and Outdoor Adventures. This year, we put a special spotlight on Games. Our Playground Leaders came together to bring back some classic games and introduce a few new ones, all aimed at keeping fitness fun and engaging.

Using the wonderful 'Move Well, Move Often' resources along with the PSSI lesson plans, our PE lessons are packed with action and smiles. We make sure every class gets a balanced mix of activities, so our students can hop, skip, and jump their way through each PE session, mastering skills like running, catching, and balancing.

We believe in keeping everyone involved, which is why we make sure our PE program is accessible to all students. Plus, students take home PE homework sheets with fun activities to do with their families.

Our Playground Leaders keep everything running smoothly by regularly checking and organizing our sports equipment, ensuring everything is safe and ready to use. This careful planning and community effort make our PE classes something every student looks forward to. It’s not just about staying active; it’s about having a blast while learning important life skills!

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