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School House Teams

School House Teams

There has been a well loved tradition of a House Team system in Monkstown Park dating back to 1991.

There are four House Teams in total and each team is named after one of the four roads surrounding the school grounds. Once pupils enter our school they are placed on a specific house team. Siblings are always placed on the same house team together. This is a great way to strengthen the whole school community and be involved in healthy competition throughout the school year.

The House Teams and their colours are as follows:

  • Packenham (Green)
  • Knapton (Blue)
  • Carrickbrennan (Red)
  • Mounttown (White)

The four teams battle it out throughout the school year to win precious points for their House Team. Pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class participate in various school events to score points which are tallied up on Sports Day and the winning house team is awarded the coveted ‘House Shield’. The winning team's name is engraved on the shield and they will be part of the Monkstown Park history.

A big congratulations to our most recent house team winners for 2022: Pakenham.

Aside from the House Shield pupils also have the opportunity to earn very distinctive badges for their House Team throughout the school year. They partake in various themed art competitions within the school. Points are awarded for each piece of art work that is submitted. At the final assembly of the school year, each member of the House Team with most art competition points receives the Art badge.

Orator competitions are also run during the year. The competition consists of three rounds where each House Team is given a particular topic to speak about. The chosen speakers from each House Team are judged on their public speaking, preparation and presentation skills. Points from each round are tallied up and the winning House Team is presented with the Orator badge.

Gaeilge Beo badges are awarded during Seacthain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week). All pupils are encouraged to speak Irish and participate in lots of activities through Irish. There are particular Gaeilge Beo events held during the week and House Team points for each event are given. The winning House Team at the end of Seacthain na Gaeilge is awarded the Gaeilge Beo badge.

The pupils proudly wear these badges on the lapel of their school blazer or school jumper.

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